Wolfe Island Music Festival 2018

Kate Boothman

Kate Boothman
Performance on Saturday August 11th at 2:50 pm, presented by Oasis Juices at Main Stage, Community Centre

Kate has gained a reputation as a solo performer, playing repeatedly as the invited opener for established songwriting talents like Blue Rodeo, Wilco, Joe Pernice (The Pernice Brothers), Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), Jonathan Wilson, Ana Egge, Kathleen Edwards, and Robyn Hitchcock.

After taking 3 years to settle back into the Northumberland Hills from where she came, Kate emerges with rock and roll venture, I Am An Animal.

Recorded at Lost Cause Studios, Kate enlisted the support of Loel Campbell, Anna Ruddick, Maia Davies, Tim D’Eon, James McKenty, Greg Keelor, Aaron Goldstein, Champagne James Robertson, Julie Fader and Graham Walsh. I Am An Animal is a trip into rock and roll and psyche-folk, played by some truly inspired and talented musicians.

The live band consists of Ian Blurton, Anna Ruddick, Aaron Goldstein, Jay Anderson, and, well, Kate. They are taking to the studio to start demoing new material in March, 2018, with Blurton at the helm.

Artist website: http://kateboothman.com