Wolfe Island Music Festival 2018


Performing on Saturday August 11th at 5:00 pm, presented by Oasis Juices at Main Stage, Community Centre

"Caylie Runciman, aka Boyhood, is kind of scary. When she performs, she howls from behind unkempt hair and dark eyeshadow like the love child of PJ Harvey and Regan from The Exorcist. She even makes up all of her songs on the fly, making us wonder if she's channeling some kind of evil rock demon. All of all of this is, of course, a good thing.

Boyhood's prog-grunge compositions shun standard verse/chorus structure, instead coming in intense swells of noisy guitars and drums that morph from one melody to the next. She combines the pounding rhythms and off-key dirges of Nirvana with the atmosphere of a 1960s horror flick soundtrack to create something all the more visceral, haunting, and unexpectedly cathartic. It's especially impressive that she does this as a solo artist who plays all of the instruments on her recordings herself.

In a lot of ways, working in isolation has been a crucial factor in the formation of her utterly unique sound. Runciman got started as a solo artist because she had trouble finding other musicians to play with while growing up in Belleville, Ontario. This led her to meddle with instruments in her basement, recording with a lo-fi setup, until the songs started to stick. Now she's still on her own, in a way, as she runs with Ottawa's punk scene while playing an entirely different style of music.” - Greg Bouchard, NOISY