Wolfe Island Music Festival 2017

Your Boy

Your Boy
Performing on Friday August 11th at 9:00 pm, presented by The Waterkeeper Showcase: Swim Drink Fish Canada at Main Stage, Community Centre

Sometime in Spring 2014, partly inspired by a book about adventure I was reading with my then GF (now fiancée), I decided to embark on the adventure of making this album. I called up my friend Matthew Johnston and asked if he would help me record some of the pop songs I’d written on guitar. He said yes and, interestingly, didn't sound the slightest bit surprised by the idea. So I flew back to my hometown of London, Ontario (I was living in Vancouver at the time) to start recording in his guest room. 

Musically, the inspirations for this album mainly come from the first things I ever heard on the radio. Vague memories of Michael Penn, Terence Trent D'arby, The Cure, Bryan Adams, Janet Jackson and others that evoke a smile and a nostalgic sense in me. Lyrically, I have some fun here and there but a lot of the lyrics are just honest, simply-put musings--grappling with insecurity, love, and trying to become a better person. 

xx, your boy,