Wolfe Island Music Festival 2017


Performing on Friday August 11th at 11:00 pm, presented by Hand Drawn Dracula at The Island Grill, 1222 Main Street

BELIEFS started abruptly when Josh Korody and Jesse Crowe met at good friend and former Bassist, Patrick McCormack’s birthday party and couldn’t stop talking about the music of the 90’s. Through the love of My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, the memory of reverb and fuzz was revisited and Beliefs was formed.

Beliefs are prolific artists and musicians in the Toronto music scene, with Crowe recording in projects PRAISES and ROLEMODEL, and Korody as a founding member of WISH and NAILBITER as well as producing countless projects at his Candle Recordings studio.

Artist website: http://beliefsmusic.com/